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A few months ago one of my aunts posted a link on Facebook about an enchanting forest located in Belgium. The photos showed it in full bloom with wild bluebells and it looked completely magical in morning mist. After doing some research, I discovered that not only could I easily visit this forest, our house is less than 10 miles from it and I could be there in 15 minutes!

The forest is Hallerbos and it is located on the outskirts of Brussels, near a small town called Halle. It is indeed a magical forest! We made our first visit there a little over a month ago before the flowers were in bloom, but the daffodils were just beginning to bloom and it was magical then. We are lucky enough to have these beautiful flowers blooming in our yard, and in a wooded area on either side of us as well, so we can tell when the flowers are at their peak. As soon as the canopy is full and they stop blooming and growing and that is the end of the bloom for the year. It can last a variable amount of time depending on the weather each spring, so you have to take the opportunity while you can. We won’t be here next spring, so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. Despite the gloomy weather this past Sunday, we took our chances and headed out to the forest during a break in the clouds and I was able to capture some amazing images. The sun was peeking through the breaks in the clouds, so even though these were taken with my iPhone, I still think they are a magical sight! We entered the forest from a different place than we had the last time we walked through and we ended up getting chased out by rain, so I didn’t get to visit the same areas again as I had about a month ago, but it was still amazing.

Here is beautiful Hallerbos:

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I hope you enjoyed!