A new view

I’m looking at my world with different eyes and a different viewpoint lately. I’m learning to be more open to change and enjoy the life I have RIGHT NOW. I’ve always been a future planner, and it is disconcerting to know that the future is uncertain and that K and I have a lot of unknowns coming up over the next year. Being the wife of a career military warrant officer, I used to think that I had learned to be more flexible and embrace change, but moving here to Belgium has opened my eyes to how inflexible I still am and how much my attitude and behavior is reflected by my children.

So here I am, embracing what I’ve been given: health, happiness, enough money and fortune to travel in Europe as I please, and the beautiful gift of time with my husband and children. At home, in the States, I was so wrapped up in the busyness of life that I rarely stepped back and saw the moments of laughter and happiness I had right in front of me. I spent much of the last 5 years counting the days that K was gone and wishing for what I finally have now; time together with no major separations. Yet since we’ve moved here, I’ve already planned (and scrapped those plans) to leave here and spend more time apart, so now I am going to enjoy all the time I do have and be thankful for it! I pray that by showing my contentment, my children will reflect that and feel it themselves. That we will all live by that old adage: “Bloom where you are planted”

It’s spring now, it’s time to bloom!


A dream come true, kissing my hubby under the Eiffel Tower


Hubby and I on Pont Alexandre III in Paris



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  1. Wise words Meg- I love that you are back to writing! Too often in life we become so absorbed in planning that we forget to focus and appreciate all of our blessings for today(believe me I am right there with you). Continued blessings for you and your beautiful family roomie.


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